Archè finds foundation in respect, without any compromise

Our philosphy

Arché, in early Greek philosophy, is the «primal element», the «origin». Arché comes from the desire of an Italian family to give the opportunity to enjoy moments of ultimate pleasure. Respect is the main «credo» of this family: respect for the territory as the origin of ingredients; respect for the place where excellent tastes are produced, respect for tradition a starting point for innovation.

Arché is the way back to the origin, to ancient and original taste and to simplicity. Arché products, with their high quality, are based on all of these principles.

Our work was born out of respect for the territory. Fine raw materials farmed with eco-friendly production methods; the refusal to use chemicals potentially dangerous for the surrounding environment and for the final product that aims to the rediscover traditional flavours and an unmistakable authenticity.

The cornerstone of Arché Food is to follow the course of nature. Productions numbered and selected to ensure the genuine taste of the past, the short distribution chain as a production method that ensures a reduced number of transits and a significantly reduced cost of the products, harvested and packaged directly in the fields to ensure the freshness until it reaches your dinner table.

Arché, the way to start discovering taste

From the very first moment, Arché looks to the future, starting from the past and its traditions. In order to produce high level quality products, Archè uses up to date technology.

Through our products, you will get in touch with Arché, with its people and family…you will find innovative people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who look  forward rediscovering and enjoying the original taste of the product.

Our Story

Arché food was born from a wish: to taste again products with genuine flavour just like those of the tradition. From a small idea, a research project based on innovative farming techniques inspired by traditional methods, a project slowly grown into a reality capable of producing and distributing the truth of the land.

Excellent products are recreated by “ancient flavours hunters”: we commit and work every day for taste, to enhance tradition and recreate the ancient flavours on the dinner table, symbol of authenticity and freshness.


To accurately select raw materials capable of reawaken the ancient traditional Italian flavours

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A land and a family where innovation is tradition, where the progress of farming techniques meets the simplicity of the traditional methods to obtain a product that tastes of authenticity. That is why we use the aquaponics method.

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Where we are

S.S. Crocifisso 22, 62010 Treia (MC), Italia